Aspen Village Codes and Covenants

Aspen Village is split up into 5 separate sections due to times of construction ranging from 1977-1993.

Each section is similar to the other sections however some differences do exist.

Your street name address reflects each section. Each  links points to a .pdf file which can be viewed with

Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader software. Both are free.

Maps and text will be rescanned for clarity in the coming weeks --- posted November 9,2009
at 5630 Coventry Lane, Fort Wayne IN 46804 

Section 1
"Aboite Lake Drive"
Section 2
"Rainer Pass & Tiffany"
Section 3
"Live Oak and Quachita"
Section 4
"Sawtooth Court"
Section 5
"Teton Court"
Aspen Bylaws Aspen Bylaws Aspen Bylaws Aspen Bylaws Aspen Bylaws
Plat Section 1 Plat Section 2 Plat Section 3 Plat Section 4 Plat Section 5
sec1 dedication v2   amend83-22352 amend83-22353 Plat Section 5 86-043984
amend78-16008   amend89-038833 amend86-034288 amend89-015321
amend80-022955     amend89-038835 amend89-038834